This first post or tutorial relating to the beginning in audio production, is dedicated to music composers, audio producers or sound designers who are starting to work in music creation games, films, shortfilms or any audiovisual music project. I´ll make this tutorial or post as an algebra problem, so in order to get optimal results, we need some assumptions and requirements, which are iportant to know in order to get them, make them, buy […]

I continue working for the company Ibuprogames, and for its last apocalyptic and sad game, which it will see the light at 2015 (we wish…). I want share with you one of the latest soundtracks themes for the game :  “Last days at the mechanic garage”. I´ll upload at audiojungle too, and perhaps, we´ll share the theme for another apocalyptic and sad project, under the Ibuprogame´s consent and Copyright. Tihis […]

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