I compose and create music themes soundtracks for videogames, shortfilms, trailers and for others audiovisual products.

I create sound effects , do audio engineering, sound design, audio editing, , mixing, mastering, post production sound for video and anything else you need in terms of audio production.

I have 6 years of experience composing musics for videogames, shortfilms, applications and trailers. I studied music in Malaga Conservatory and industrial engineer in Malaga University. I have composed the music soundtracks and made the sound effects for the following games and companies:

For Freedom Factory Studios (games for PC, Wii, Xbox, NDS, PS3): www.freedomfactorystudios.com
Year 2012. New York Bus The Simulation PC Small & PC NYC Taxi Simulation
Year 2012. New York Bus The Simulation PC Small
Year 2009 Fix It Home Improvement Challenge
For Explosive Muffin(iOS, mobile, Android):
Year 2013-Actually.Zombies Can´t Stop Love
For Ibuprogames(iOS, mobile, Android): www.ibuprogames.com
Actually. Missile Rush and an apocalyptical game.
For Cretino Films actually an horror and s-cifi short film.
For audio jungle:
Actually i am uploading some epic and horror soundtracks.


-Direct contact with the customer and flexibility.
-Custom music compositions 100% Original for main themes, ingame themes, leimotive themes, credits themes, menu themes, intro and final themes for every videogame soundtrack contracted.
-I get Orchestral sounds placing every instrument at the correct location according for the scene and using the best musical techniques..
-Mixing, remixing, and mastering.
-I have and play the following real instruments : Petrof Piano, Yamaha PSR 413 digital keyboard, alto sax J. Michael, guitars, basses, drums, vioins, cello, harmonica and flutes , which we play, record and edit at our studio. For the other instruments we have the best actual samples.
-Post production sound for video.
-Audio implementation in Unity3d,
-SVN(A revision control system ) and redmine for daily/weekly customer relations.(schedule,wiki,news,posts, etc)

Software Audio Knowledges:
Ableton Live, Reason Propellerhead, Logic Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Sound forge, Arturia, Waves, Sound Toys, Akai, Native and Vienna Instruments, the best services, Sibelius/Finale, East West, Project Sam, NI’s Komplete, Spitfire AudioFocal, Roland, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Kontakt, Sony, Rode, MXL, Zoom, M-Audio, Line-6, Ibanez, Fender, Aria, Crate, Blackstar, Audacity, Cool edit, Proteus 2000, etc, but I like to record live where I can, as do we all.

I have Ouya, OSX, IOS, Android, Wii, PS3, Xbox, NDS, PC, Ubuntu, Unity 3d devices for testing,
I use SVN with the customer or using the Revision Control System proposed by the customer.

The Last Of Sounds wish you The Best Last of your Sounds. And for this reason, i rely on the best specialists in each technical area and in each phase of your project. From the procurement engineer , the project manager, the sound engineer, the composer and the musicians , all them each promise, make for the clients the best product , according to the requirements.

The Last Of Sounds works in the best recording studio, with the best technical team, when the client required.

The Client must give to me:

– Project music Style.

– Project sound effect style.

– Number and time for every theme.

– Number and time for every effect sound.

With all these requierementes, The Last Of Sounds will deliver,  all the themes and sound effects, agreed in the terms and prices, to you, with one only Maxima : repeat with the client again and again!!! Never be The Last of Sounds, but always the penultimate…